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Business/Place name:XXXCLUB Telephones:054-2497000 no no Fax:no Title:Israely VIP Escort Agency no Address/Location:Centeral Israel Welcome to Israely Escort Agency providing elegant young stunning girls for vip customers.
Our models known as professional models.
We have the most high standard excellence young girls that you will find in Israel. Your discretion is assured.
All the girls and pictures in this site are 100% real. We guarantee you meet the girl you choose. Our phone: 054-2497000
News/Sales list: no
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Questions list
What are the qualifications to receive services?
Be 18 years of age or older, be courteous, polite,
and have plenty of money to afford it.
What kind of service do you offer?
Hot models offer an adult entertainment.
Our ladies offer outcall service only, where the model of your choice will come to your home or your hotel.
How to order?
To order chose the lady you like from the portfolio and give us a call.
Am I required to make an advanced appointment? If so when?
An advance appointment is not required. The ladies set their own schedules and those schedules do seem
to change sometimes on a daily basis. So same day appointments
with normally at least one or more hours notice are fine.
We are very good at last minute order, however, not all models
are always readily available at a moments notice
What are your opening days an hours?
Our service is available day 7 days a week.
our phone line us open at the following :
Sunday – Friday : 12:00-05:00
Saturday: 20:00-05:00
I tried calling your phone numbers and I can`t reach anyone Why?
There are times that there is no answer or the lines are busy,
that is in fact duo to a large number of
clients who are calling all at the same time.
First: check if you called us at our opening hours.
If you did, please try after 5-10 minutes later.
If the phone lines are still busy, you are encouraged
to contact us by e-mail.
How long will it take for an escort to arrive?
Arrival times depend on a number of factors, such as your exact geographical
location, day of the week, time of the day or night,
traffic jams and the lady you are wanting to see.
We do our best to give you an accurate time estimate based on how far
of a drive you are from the lady you want to see. Our goal is to have
an escort arrive in 30 to 45 minutes. Keep in mind though that just
because an escort may be in your area doesn`t mean she will be the quickest
to get to you. She may have been running errands, sitting at the
hair salon, working on other job, and need to go home and totally prepare
herself for the appointment.
What are your service areas?
currently we serve only the following cities:
Tel Aviv, Ramat-Gan, Givhataim, and Herzelia, Rishon Le Zion, Holon, Bat Yam, Netanya, Petah Tikva, Rehovot, Ashdod,
Ramat Asharon and more...
Do you have also In call service?
Sorry no. our service is out call only.
I do not have a location what shell I do?
We are sorry for that; and hoping you are not
staying at the street.
Unfortunately we can`t provide accommodation,
But we can recommend on some several hotels with reasonable rates.
Why does the phone staff need my real name, phone number, address, and other information?
If you want to make an appointment, we do have a discreet verification procedure.
It is very straightforward, and no record of your real identity is kept.
There is however, a pre-screening procedure required.
This permits both our lady and our clients to feel safe
and comfortable going into the session.
This way when the session begins you`ll be able to relax completely,
knowing we have anticipated your every concern.
Are the ladies shown in the pictures the actual ladies?
Of course -- what you see is exactly what you will get.
All the pictures for the most part are current within the
past few months. Some ladies like to update and get new pictures
taken several times a year.
Are there other ladies available that are not on the website?
No, we try to get all newly hired ladies added to the website
within 24 hours after taking their picture.
And we do update the website normally at least once a week,
so all the ladies you see are all the ones who are available
Why do the models choose not to show their face on the photos?
I hope that you can understand their need for privacy and anonymity.
Fortunately we have a great reputation among our clients.
We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and discretion.
We can assure you that all descriptions are completely accurate.
What do V.I.P. means?
VIP means that the rates for the girls is higher
than the ones who do not have VIP mark on their pictures
transportation cost is the same for VIP and non VIP girl.
What are your rates?
The rates are changing depending on the girl you have chosen.
The price is for one hour (60 minutes) plus taxi (back and forth).
Any extra hour is extra charge..
For rates please call as any time.
What forms of payment do we accept?
We accept cash only, however, we except foreign currency
such as American dollars, Euro and Pounds as well.
Sorry, but we do not accept any checks or credit cards
What am I paying for?
The service includes oral sex and vaginal sex.
All intercourse will be preformed by using contraceptives.
Any other service will be extra charge.
Are your rates negotiable?
Ummm, NO. If you can`t afford it, then please don`t waste
our time by contacting us until you can afford it.
Stick with the strip clubs or some other more affordable
adult entertainment that fits your budget.
Bargain hunters need not call.
You get what you pay for, and our ladies are very attractive,
fun, open minded, friendly, and they will make sure that you
have a great time. They ladies are well worth the fees charged.
And no, it doesn`t matter if you are a famous millionaire,
actor or model; you still don`t get a discount.
If you live outside the ladies area and the lady has to spend a
long time driving to get to you, she will charge you a driving fee.
We consider our rates a value for the service provided.
What`s the deal with a cancellation fee?
Once a model books an appointment with you,
we ask that you contact us if there is a change in plans.
There is no charge if this is done in a timely manner. But,
once a lady arrives at your location, if a cancellation occurs
we ask for a cancellation fee to cover the ladies transportation cost.
Am I required to tip?
Tipping is appreciated, but not required.
If however you had a really great time,
then afterwards it`s okay to show your appreciation
by offering a tip to the lady.
Example tips: 10% for a good time. 20% for a super and out of
this world session. 50% and above- if you forgot you
were even using a service.
Will the lady stay for the entire time?
Yes, you are paying her for her time and however long you pay
her to stay is how long she will stay unless you agree she can
leave early. Our ladies are not clock watchers,
but that doesn`t mean you`re going to get an extra 30 minutes
for free either. Be respectful of her time as she may have other
plans once your time with her is up.
Do you hire male models?
Sorry...but No! Hot Models caters exclusively to men and women seeking ladies
I would like to make a reservation for a lady for me and my spouse is it possible?
Our lady prefers to spend their time only with men.
However, some ladies will agree to be with you and your spouse.
But you need to check this with us first.
Please keep in mined that she will charge more money for that.
My body and I would like to make a reservation for an escort for the both of us. Can we?
It is possible, but only few ladies agree to do it.
Please check with us who will. Please notice that if the lady will
arrive at your place and will find two guys instead of one without pre notice, she
will cancel the order and you will be asked for cancellation fee.
Do the lady kiss, do anal, let me come in her mouth etc.?
All intimates issues are things we leave for client and the lady
to resolve between themselves.
We do not get involve in anything that’s going on between you and her in the room.
Just notice, that if the girl agree to do something special
like anal sex for example (always, always ask her before) she will expect
you to tip her.
What kind of assurance do you have about the girl`s health?
Probably more than you have on yours.
The ladies see fission on a regular basis.
Also we recommend never ever having intercourse without using a condom.
Who is your best escort lady?
There is no such thing as "your best lady ever"
the different between good service and great service
depends on client - escort chemistry.